New iMac accessoires…maybe!

Apple is rumored to be gearing up to release a new upgraded iMac model, but it looks like Cupertino will also be launching three updated Mac accessories along with it. Several websites, including 9to5Mac and French site Consomac, have spotted code in OS X 10.11.1 beta 3 suggesting that Apple is planning to release a […]

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Surface Book vs. Macbook Pro…help, it’s everywhere

OMG, the subtle battling on tech media outlets’ pages started…between Surface Book (Microsoft’s own laptop design on the highest possible max pricing) and Apple’s Macbook Pro! The battle-inspiring media mentions are caused by MS’ own October 6th keynote. They compared nearly everything to Apple’s products (which could be quite flattering, meaning Apple is truly the […]

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4k iMac on the way…

Apple is reportedly planning to up its display game for iMacs. According to 9to5 Mac, next week will bring us iMacs with 21.5-inch 4K displays. At a glance, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the current iMac and the new 4K model. It’s what’s underneath that hardware that counts. Internally, a new […]

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