Apple is again #1, as they have been and as they should be

Apple has retained the number one spot in Interbrand’s annual ranking of the world’s most valuable brands, a position it has held onto since 2013.

apple ranked as first again in brand value

But that isn’t a wonder:

  • Highest percentage of customer satisfaction rates, and brand loyalty what it comes from; quarter after quarter, year after year. People buy they iPhone, iPad and Mac upgrades (some yearly, some when they actually really need it), and they love the devices, they love the OSs and the applications, the entire ecosystem. And the customer service is best on Earth, no argue there either!
  • Biggest revenues and profits. This year has been made clear, while Android has the market share, Apple has nearly ALL the profits (90+%) of the industry. iOS and Mac OSX users invest in their beloved ecosystem, because it holds a lot of values in form of genius and beautiful 1.5m++ apps, built in services (iCloud Drive, Apple Music, iTunes Store for movies and music rents/purchases), free and immediate OS upgrades (cough-cough droid) for all users, long term device support (again, cough).
  • Huge developer network, possibly biggest, ensuring overwhelming amount of highest quality applications, and their timely updates.
  • Well crafted, well designed, easy to use and powerful products, all dreamed to reality with humans in mind. Users rank from age 4 to 94 basically.

We wish you the same succes to you Apple for 2016 too!


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