Best place for Apple fans…for gift items!

Hey hey Apple fans (and mates)!

Have you ever thought that, besides owning all devices what Apple brings, you have the urging need to express your affection, loyalty, love for the brand and community?

I can point you to the right direction: ETSY!!

Yep, has a lot of quality items manufactured and promoted by great small business owners, on highest possible quality. Below I am sharing some examples from my favorite list from the platform, but first some examples how some items can fit in your daily life, with pictures about my purchased stuffs (and about me too thus — now you see the editor/high priest of AppleTemple, wowwwwwww!) :

Let’s think different…in colors of old times! 🙂
same colour and style Macbook and t-shirt
You can choose a t-shirt which fits to your device(s)!


Now, these are all nice and well, but where to grab such (and more, like pillows)?!

Here we go. some shops inside Etsy platform:






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