Just one more thing…

In memoriam of Steve-Jobs-In-memoriam-banner

Four years ago, 5th of October 2011 happened what nobody could imagine before, that it would happen so early, although in 2010 signs have been clear about. Steve Jobs, one of the founders of  and later savior of the, in 90’s, nearly bankrupt company, aggressive-progressive visionary passed away!

The innovating and imagining part of tech industry lost a crucial general, someone who, with his friends and teams, imagined and dreamed wonderful, useful and gorgeous devices, software, services for us into our world, made things reality what no one else dared and/or could, and reshaped industries (phones, music distributions and listening, e-books), lives (creatives, health, entertainment, even work), created new markets of new items (accessories like cases, stands, toys, etc) of highest qualities.

We can thank the Mac, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, and much more of the best designed and working hardware, software and services around/with these. Items which keep people inspiring to new things, enhancing days, free time with delightful content, ways of enjoying anything digital.

Monday it is the 4th year anniversary of the passing of Steve Jobs.

It is perhaps a nice thought to silence “war” of any kind between “camps” for the day, and let’s think about what can we be grateful for, we all, the lucky ones can enjoy the fruits of our huge -tree, or whatever 2nd place technological advancement!


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