Me and my MacBook

Is this a review? Kind of

A story telling? Sure.

  It has been a huge dillema, about the new 12″ MacBook. Getting or not, not long after release and availability in store. I have read specs, read early reviews, biased and more objective ones, watched more and more vids, still couldn’t sleep.

  What the hell, I thought, just looks too good and interesting not to try, so, after the doubts on performance and size, got one. The space grey one. Eversince I’m in love with Mac…again!

  It isn’t my first Mac of course, had it all: Air, Pro 13.3″; iMac and now this. And I couldn’t be more happy I decided to buy  this ultra portable version of OSX-joy:



  Daily performing: just above expectations (or fears) and specs, even with multitasking with applications like iTunes, Word/Excel, Logic X Pro, Facetime, Mail, Safari, etc., nowhere near lag. Buttery smooth experience, true joy to use it, work or at home. Has been easy and fast to trust this little fellow

Display is, as you would imagine from a Mac, gorgeous, pixel free, clear, colourful, no quick strains, just happy eyes.

Now, some complained about how weird the keyboard experience is, how difficult to get used to. For me wasn’t. In a day I not just could get used to, but truly LOVED! And still do (typing on it right now). I used to fight typos relatively often, especially with commenting quickly…used to! Reduced extremely. It feels wonderful to type, comfortable and confident: keygasm!

Trackpad, while probably isn’t, looks and feels even bigger, and expect the typical quality: No.1., precise.

Force touch? That I just don’t use, so for that you need to look further on the web.

Overal feel: AWESOME! Perfect size to take anywhere, so extraordinarily thin and light, elegant, yet, for most things perfect, powerful enough. Of course don’t try to play the latest first person shooters or race games, but casuals are fine on it. Every other task will be fine as well, just use as you please.

Battery usage time on one full charge is around 7-10 hours with average usage, some multitasking times included ( listening with iTunes while browsing and chatting, editing in Photos while working in Excel and Facetiming). Fair enough I guess in this size category. Charging takes 2 hours and 40 minutes, from 5% to 100.

This isn’t the most detailed, most professional review nor meant to become. Just to give an idea.

  Are you still hesitating? 

  I understand you, I have been there myself, but don’t worry. This beautiful marvel of -engineering and design will definitely not let you down. It will be there, easily anywhere you want it to be, to serve your days loyally, being that visual and/or audio entertainment, work, writing the next bestseller novel with shiny vamps, communicating with loved ones or hated bosses, or, all these at a time.

It is love at first type…



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