Android the war drone…or its fanclub

” But but, Android is endlessly customisable…”

“My phone has octa-core and 3 GB of RAM…”

“…QHD screen..” (or whatever marketing jargon)


Who cares, 750m+ don’t!

Let’s point it out, clear and loud, your Android devices need those type of processors and amount of RAM just to somewhat work because Android as operating system has been coded THAT bad! It has near zero optimalisation, just like the applications, or most of them, droidians (android users) use. It is a mess both performance and security/privacy wise too. It has been many times proven, an iPhone 6 with its iOS outperforms greatly the flagship Android phones. Not by a little, by a big shot! I don’t put here a list of links, just google the topic.

It has serious, scary and unresolved major security issues, besides the fact that designed clearly against your privacy. How else Google should earn the next billions?! Selling you and everything about and around you revolved! Proofs? HERE is the tool for.

It doesn’t close applications. Yes you do, however your system still keeps them open after, sucking all your battery power the whole day….wonderful, freaking Google geniuses! In 2015, we are still at that!


Yes you can, but for what price?! The parts of the customizations need outrageous amounts of privileges to do anything, literally, anything on the devices. So, one needs to trust a developer with all the datas on the phone, tablet! Hell no for me (and for many others)!

Besides, we, Apple users, already get systems designed to function delightfully and look gorgeous while doing so, thus, while ruin?!

We do actual tasks, being work or entertainment/social related, instead endlessly fiddling with something impossible to improve anyway (except if Google would focus on improvements…I mean, REAL ones, under hood, not fancy effects and shapes). We earn money, live life, have relations, no time for the 100th of icon theme…

QHD screen, 4K coming to android phones…

Seriously, does anyone believe to see any pixel difference between 1080p and QHD on phones sizes, like 5″, 6″?!

No, you won’t, the human eyes can’t. That is a biological, physical fact (no, not an opinion). Of course better palette, clear fonts, superior colour accuracy/colour gamut, white balance, viewing angles, subpixel arrangements and black level correctness are always welcome instead of focusing on pixel wars. Give all those perfectly on 1080p and call it a day (and win!).

I love my iDevices’ screens, they are incredibly clean and sharp, joy to work with! Never get tired of them.

OS upgrades?

With android it’s laughable at its best!

You buy a 500+ euros/dollars worth(?) device, which soon becomes irrelevant because your manufacturer decides to not to give a shit about you and the phone/tablet. Ask anyone, happens all the time, even in the case of the most expensive flagships, exceptions are the Nexus series handsets and some of Motorola’s (maybe). Samsung is probably the worst scam on Earth in this regard. So you like what Marshmallow could bring to you (new iOS features, btw)?! Buy a Nexus (or, buy an iPhone 6, 6s, 6Plus or 6sPlus) !


That’s all folks, end of story (might be more, just forgot).


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