Porsche made a choice…and unsurprisingly, for quality

“Porsche Chooses CarPlay Over Android Auto Due to Google’s Data Collection Policy” – according to Moto Trend (via Macrumors.com).

But hey, no one can blame them for choosing quality above cheap (Porsche after all known about luxury sport cars, high-end designs), choosing for better privacy and security instead of data leaks/data sales and basically they would sell their customers if they would have chosen for malDroidware (Android-junk, just t0 be frank about). When you buy such a car, you expect all details being top notch, all electronica included, so the media control system as well, aka: Apple!

And this one fact about Porsche’s recent electronica choice has been published everywhere on the web, Moto Trend, Macrumors, Engadget, and so on, which could motivate others to make the very same choice (there are car models planned by the way by 20+ manufacturers to equip with Apple’s Carplay, besides those which already are sold with the option!)


Android on the smartphones is a terrible spaghetti code mess with focus on malicious and useful features alike while forgetting security, privacy (intentionally perhaps), barely ANY software optimalisation to run better, and has more app and system application crashes than a Nascar race series. Who needs that?!

Surely not Porsche and their drivers.

Suck it Google, suck it Droid!


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