Apple Music trial ended…so I went on with, paying!

On 30th of September, like for many others, my Apple Music 3 months trial subscription has been ended. But definitely not my relationship with this wonderful service. Here is the “horror” story in short: I keep on paying!


Basically the Apple Music service is far from being the first of such kind; there are other well established names operating for years, searching for a buck and often not finding it (right, Spotify?!), but after experiencing how Apple got off the ground, their service, with the first launch and through some updates, polish; it completely erased my past general dislike for the streaming model! It is that good!

Reasons for us (Apple users) to choose:

  • Comes well integrated in iOS, for everyone available right away. It’s our own first party service!
  • Absolutely well designed, well working, easy to use/navigate application for your purchased albums AND your streamed ones with easily discovering so much new (many based on your actual likes of the listening you!)
  • Almost all what Apple ever had and will have in iTunes Store, available for a fair monthly fee to stream and/or save for offline listening (not often, but sometimes some tracks are greyed out of streaming. Again, not many). And that is not a small amount of music; from starting up indies to the biggest names in every possible styles and genres.
  • Even if you’re alone, for 9.99 it is still a great value, and for everyone else for 14.99 up to 6 people can enjoy music with 1 payment a month! That is king deal, just count! Instead of 6 people individually pay 9.99 (near 60 euros/dollars), they all can listen for a mere 14.99. All they can “eat”!
  • Follow news of your artists, write to them if you wish
  • Prima sound quality, no complaint
  • Hand picked curated playlists as recommendations, and not bad either
  • Beats 1 Radio! It is good (but that depends on personal taste, it is about music after all and presentation skills)apple_music_radio
  • No extra app, no extra account with a third party needed (and to trust them with your money and account details). No extra hassle thus
  • Powerful company behind with actual care for customers’ experience and for music too!

Even though we enjoy the service with the two here (me and my wife), we do so with a family account; saving 5 euros a month and having more music and choices than we ever could use. Impossible not to love, after all, it’s OURS!



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