Surface Book vs. Macbook Pro…help, it’s everywhere

OMG, the subtle battling on tech media outlets’ pages started…between Surface Book (Microsoft’s own laptop design on the highest possible max pricing) and Apple’s Macbook Pro!


The battle-inspiring media mentions are caused by MS’ own October 6th keynote. They compared nearly everything to Apple’s products (which could be quite flattering, meaning Apple is truly the measure of everything technology, design), and rest assured, MS even copied the 12″ new Macbook’s butterfly keyboard mechanism (calling scissor) for their Surface Pro 4 tablet/2-in-1, but let’s just stop with for a moment:

  • Yes, Surface Book looks cool, spec’d very high, BUT priced on a max. of 2700 euros/dollars! And that for a still-Windows machine and still not really an Apple engineering and design…Pffff, no thanks!macbook-pro-2015-retina
  • Again it is Windows! Too much targeted for thousands (if not more) of different types of attacks, millions of times over.
  • Desktop to tablet and tablet to desktop modes’ switches are still often less smooth than desired, sometimes freezing devices. Trackpad works…but, not the Apple kind of quality ways, and doubt if ever will, ever could.
  • That flexible part where you close the laptop-mode of Surface Book, or take off screen for tablet mode….just looks ugly. Ugly, or at least questionable design, not even entirely closing the lid/screen with keyboard! Not great for a laptop of 13″ category

Again Microsoft, seriously, this all for between 1500 and 2700 as the price?!

Nah, rather not. Besides, who the hell would want to turn his/her back to OS X in favor of Windows, even if that is Windows 10?! I personally don’t know anyone selling his Mac for this…. You?



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