Mac growth and sales are sluggish…

…while still outperforms the rest of the PC industry, as market analyzing companies point out.

So there is a slight bad news (perhaps for now) and a quite good news, which is actually the tendency for many years: Mac sales are still going up, while other computer sales are constantly deeper down.

Why..let’s see Gartner’s table for a second:


As IDC also state under their table figures in a note: Apple continued to outperform other vendors, moving to number 3 in the United States and boosting share globally as well as domestically. – and here lies the future in when continues to do so, to happen!

Although, after looking Gartner’s growth % table and knowing past years’ growths of Mac sales, we see the growth slowing down, yet other vendors just could wish they would camp with such, hmmm, “troubles”.

Also the market analyzers show us in their reports, the mythical under 5% bad worldwide market share of Mac is what we all already assumed to be: a bad myth of sad fanboys (Windows, Linux)…Apple got that fixed too already, with a steady year on year growth (which they never forget to mention at least once a year at keynote events).

Simply put: people love Mac, and will continue to do so. Aesthetically most pleasing, modern, makes sense/easy to use computers with a wonderful OS and applications to operate, upgraded with useful features and security on a regular basis (Yosemite, El Capitan anyone?!), period.


Superthin, light

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