EpiWatch – epilepsy seizure tracking

Thank you Apple for the ResearchKit, the first, and very useful, app is out now: EpiWatch


EpiWatch is the appropriately named new app from the institute’s neurology researchers, which lets people living with epilepsy track their seizures in real time before, during, and after they hit. For patients who experience an aura before their seizures, launching EpiWatch from a complication on the watch face at the first sign of that warning signal will record movements, including falls, and heart rate using the watch’s sensors. The app will also ask patients to play a memory game during the seizure, if possible, to assess cognitive responsiveness.


Johns Hopkins researcher Nathan Crone, an associate professor of neurology in the School of Medicine, said the EpiWatch app will reach “orders of magnitude above” the audience a typical epilepsy study would. Even if just a few thousand patients participated by tracking their seizures with the app, Johns Hopkins would have enough data to develop a seizure-tracking algorithm that could push out alerts when the watch senses an onset seizure. If the seizure is severe, the app could send notifications to caregivers or family members.


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