CDs in the Apple Stores? Gahhhh…

Seriously, if you think, as a management team of the well known singer Adele, that Apple will sell the new album’s physical CD form, you need to resign! Immediately!


And that is exactly what happened recently, Adele, or her management, requested Apple to sell Adele’s new album, 25, in their stores as physical media: aka, on CDs. Too LOL.

I mean, guys come on, Apple started with the whole digital media revolution many years back, killing slowly CD/DVD sales and also stopped selling machines with drive built-in, this year started their own (and great, awesome) streaming service Apple Music…and you ask for such.

Needles to say Apple management turned the request down right away.

Well, who saw that coming, right?!

And Adele, p.s.: Apple Stores aren’t music stores anyway, so there isn’t ANY logic behind this action.



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